Henry VIIIs Holiday Huzzah! Midwinter 2023

January 28, 2023

Pre-registration closes January 21, 2023

Henry, the eight of his name has gathered his most trusted friends, advisors, and admirers to join him at court for a Holiday Celebration Huzzah!

To indulge the Lion of England’s pleasure, each of his wives will be in attendance. The women who stood by Henry’s side will be stirred to revel in memories as the Kings favorite and bear the sorrow of his fickle whim; recalling the gambles that shackled their fate.

Games, competitions of arts and science, music, song, and knowledge will be shared. Partake of Henry’s favorite sport, a tournament of joust. Invoking the spirit of chivalry and win renown while guiding a horse and a lance down the tilt and try to unhorse your opponent. Show your finest efforts and creativity – may your craft win the favor of the King himself. Trade baubles and treasures with those assembled to see who is the most clever and thrifty of Henry’s guests. Fetch your instrument and warm your voice to make song. We request your musical talent to bring joy and harmony to the revel. 

 In hopes to complete the day with a culinary jewel, a marvelous feast has been fashioned to quench the appetite of Henry himself.  The days law shall be honored regarding the repast.

Please join the Barony of Lochmere in a day full of fun and friendship in the court of Henry the VIII!

Mail Registrations to: Brynhildr Grimkellsdottir (Dawn Fuller), 1317 Middleford Rd, Catonsville, MD 21228, E-mail: bryn1240@gmail.com

Write check out to: SCA Inc MD, Barony of Lochmere

Site Opens at 9:00 am

Adult Member

Registration $15.00

Adult Non-Member

Registration $20.00

Youth (5-17) $5.00

Child (0-4) $0.00



We will have both youth and adult classes. There will also be several competitions as well. More details to follow soon. For questions on A&S activities contact Lady Eilionora inghean an Bhaird daughterofthebard@gmail.com.

Youth Activities: Make a Fox and Geese game and Masks for Mumming amongst the populace.

Adult Activities:

11:00 AM – The Quest for Story (taught by THL Scholastica Joycors)
Go on a quest for a story as we explore a simple and fun way to create and tell a story. Consider this a bit of Bardic Madness.

12:00 PM – Pastimes in Pubs and Palaces: Board games of Tudor England (taught by THL Nicolo Santorio)
This class will be a tour of board games during the time of Henry VIII, popular from the smallest tavern to the royal court. We will learn the history behind these games and a general overview of their rules. After the class, everyone will be welcome to play these games for themselves during the event.

1:00 PM – European Dance (taught by THLady Katerina Ravenshaw)
Come and learn some beginner and intermediate european dances. For all ages

2:00 PM – How to play Tarot (taught by Lady Anne d’Evreux)
Have you ever wondered if you can use your beautiful Tarot deck for something other than telling fortunes? Before Victorian mystics got into it, Tarot was a card game! Come learn how to play the game!

3:00 PM – Learn to Knit: Knitting a Dishcloth (taught by Ellerete LaHouliere)
This class will go over the basics of knitting using a simple dishcloth pattern, whether you are new to knitting or need a refresher. I will also include a list of resources for learning more about how to knit, techniques and troubleshooting. Materials will be provided for the first 10 but anyone can sit in.

Games & Music

We will have period music and games throughout the day. More details to follow soon.

Games: Cards, Dice, various board games, and table top jousting tournament

Music: Music will be sung by Laydes Fayre


We will have a scrumptious feast:

First Course

Bread with Herbed Butter and Homemade Marmalade (V)

Assorted cheese (in honor of Queen Anne of Cleves) (V)

Salad with herbed vinaigrette and figs (V)

Second Course

Beef with Lombard Mustard Sauce (in honor of Queen Catherine Parr)

Smoked Salmon (in honor of Queen Jane Seymour)

Chicken (in honor of Queen Catherine Parr)

Braised Carrots (in honor of King Henry) (V)

Asparagus and Savory Toasted Cheese (in honor of Queen Katherine of Aragon) (V)

Rice or Broad Beans (TBD) (V)

Third Course

Assorted Fruit Tarts (in honor of Queen Anne Boleyn) (V)

Boars Head Marzipan (V)

Menu subject to change.

V=Vegetarian option

For questions please contact Mistress Lisette: lisettelaroux@gmail.com

Pastime with good company

I love and shall, until I die.

Grudge who list, but none deny!

So God be pleased, thus live will I.

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